Welcome note from the Ambassador

Dear Friends of Cyprus and Kuwait,
It is with great joy that I introduce you to the website of the Cyprus Kuwait Business Association, our gateway to bring businessmen from our two historically friendly states together.

The relations between Cyprus and Kuwait are built on a solid foundation of true and honest friendship, which has evolved thanks to our mutually shared values. More importantly, what lies at heart is the value of reciprocity which has helped us build a close- knit collaboration in order to overcome the major obstacles and hardships that both of our countries have experienced in recent years.

Since taking offices as the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait in the republic of Cyprus in the Summer of 2016, I am committed to the task of further enhancing and expanding the bilateral relations between the Republic of Cyprus and the State of Kuwait. On a business level, the establishment of the Cyprus Kuwait Business Association, under the patronage of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has helped in becoming the platform as well as the vehicle for further expending the economic and commercial relations between our two countries.

Since its inception, the Association has soundly achieved the strengthening of our bilateral trade and business relations by collaborating with us in encouraging the business communities to work closely together for mutual gains. Our main goal for the following period is to facilitate further contact with the exchange of more visits between our businessmen. I am certain that this will pave the way for inspiring our business communities to identify new business ideas and economic exchanges across the economic spectrum. At the same time it will allow our businessmen to continue developing on the already established collaborations, to the benefit of both Cyprus and Kuwait.

Waleed Al-Kandari
Ambassador of the State of Kuwait


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Turning the Page

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