Welcome to the Cyprus – Kuwait Business Association

Dear Business Friends of Cyprus and Kuwait,
Welcome to our website!
We invite you to find out more about the Association, its members and the possibilities of doing business in Cyprus and in Kuwait, from this website which will provide you with useful information and contacts.
We aim to present details of our Board, our membership and events, as well as other relevant information and useful contacts which would enable access to more detailed information if required.
Our Association was established under the auspices of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry in 2015 with the aim to promote and strengthen trade and business between Cyprus and Kuwait and to support the businesses that might benefit from a stronger and more organised economic collaboration between the two markets. The Association is supported in its efforts to reinforce the commercial and economic relationship between the two countries, by the Embassy of Kuwait in Nicosia and the Cyprus Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Tourism.
Cyprus and Kuwait have strong business ties covering a wide range of areas including trade and services and especially financial services, tourism and trade. The Association, through its distinguished professional members, encourages networking for the promotion and stimulation of business relations and investments in the two countries. The Website has been created to help bring business people with similar interests together.
We hope that visitors will be interested to join the Association and participate in the Association’s business events.
Please provide us with your comments and feedback which we consider valuable for our endeavours.


Turning the Page

Turning the Page

Cyprus recently turned a new page in its traditionally good trade relations with Kuwait, inauguratin...